The Indian space agency wants to explore Venus

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) wants to launch missions to explore Venus. If everything goes well, it could start in 2023.

The planet that is closest to Earth at some times is Venus. The greatest attention has been taken by Mars, but it is a matter of scientific interest. It has nothing to do with proximity. The red planet has conditions that would make life possible, something that does not happen with Venus, which records much higher temperatures. In fact, this planet is hotter than Mercury, although it is closer to the Sun.

The interest in Mars sometimes makes our other neighbor, who becomes closer, forgotten. Although there have been some missions to Venus. NASA actually has it on the radar. And now the Indian Space Research Agency (ISRO) has set out to explore Venus.

The entity has the objective of launching a mission that orbits around the planet, in order to create a map of it. The intention also includes scanning to deduce what is under the surface of Venus. This way you can get a better knowledge of our neighbor, as well as his strange atmosphere. Temperatures on Venus are around 460 degrees, because its atmosphere is mostly composed of carbon dioxide. This, together with no ozone layer that filters ultraviolet radiation, creates a greenhouse effect, because heat does not escape the planet.

Explorar Venus

The ISRO has proposed to launch the first mission in 2023, if everything goes according to plan. Once the ship arrives it will take a year to create a map of the planet. Volcanic activity, thunderstorms and the atmosphere will also be studied.

Indian space ambitions
The Indian space race cannot be separated from its low cost approach. But with this way of acting, ISRO has achieved some important milestones. He has used much less budget than other space agencies to launch rockets and spacecraft.

The same line will follow the organization for its next objectives, which point something, never better. Venus is perhaps where India has set out to go further, but its ambitions have encompassed more objectives. One of them was the Moon. The country wanted to become the fourth to land on the satellite, after the United States, the Soviet Union and China. It was about doing a soft moon landing, although it was finally not possible.

But ISRO keeps all possibilities open. Not only on the lunar objective, it also wants to build infrastructure, as support for future missions of all kinds. For this, it has been proposed to build its own space station. Again it will make a budget juggling. The structure will only weigh 20 tons, which indicates that its cost will be reduced. You will be prepared to do microgravity experiments.

Images: NASA

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