The most exorbitant purchases you can imagine

The most exorbitant purchases you can imagine

Since Google was born in 1998, it has grown into a giant based on generating new products and buying and integrating other companies.

In the economic press, the acquisitions have an important space, especially when we talk about large multinationals that merge with each other or that acquire another company of the same or similar size. Purchases and sales of subdivisions, integration of small startups in large companies … The combinations are many and varied.

And in the technology sector is where the most shocking headlines have been given in recent years if we take into account the amounts that are handled in millions of dollars. It is not surprising if we talk about a sector that generates many benefits and where the next Google or the next Facebook is constantly searched.

Serve this introduction to talk about Google, or rather Alphabet for a few years, an internet giant that has dozens of subdivisions and companies that alone shade the majority of companies in the world. This growth has occurred in many ways. In some cases, a new service or product has grown so much that it has become a division of Google by itself. In other cases, it is an acquisition or purchase.


Next we will review Google purchases that have led to a greater investment, what is the acquired company and what amounts we are talking about. And in these little more than 10 years of life, Google has gone shopping many times. Of course, we must bear in mind that we do not include purchases that we do not know the amount disbursed, so we will probably leave some important company off the list.

Motorola (2012)

We started this list with a name that will all ring to us for being responsible for the first mobile phones. But the American Motorola is much more: radio frequency devices, televisions and all kinds of technology focused on different industries. In 2011, it decided to divide into two, one half focused on consumer products, Motorola Mobility, and another for the industry and the company in general, Motorola Solutions.

Google acquired Motorola Mobility in May 2012 for the price of $ 12.5 billion. The purpose was to include in its portfolio the huge amount of Motorola patents related to mobile technology and that Google has been integrating into products such as Android, Android TV or Google TV.

However, in January 2014, Google sold Motorola Mobility to Lenovo China for 2.910 million dollars, obviously without the patents and the value it had before the purchase of Google.

Nest Labs (2014)

The second largest purchase of Google at the time of writing these lines was Nest Labs, an American startup dedicated to home automation, that is, home automation. The price paid was approximately 3.2 billion dollars.

As a curiosity, Nest Labs was founded by Matt Rogers and Tony Fadell, this last former Apple employee, and not just any employee, was one of the main architects of the iPod.

Founded in 2010, the company was purchased in 2014 and operated virtually independently until its full integration in 2018, leaving the Google Nest brand as Google’s product line for home electronics.

DoubleClick (2008)

Dedicated to Internet advertising, American DoubleClick was bought by Google in 2008 for a whopping $ 3.1 billion to incorporate its knowledge base and technology to Google AdSense, Google’s advertising service and what it did, does and will do Earn Google millions of dollars along with your other Google Ads advertising service.

Google AdSense emerged in 2003 as a service to insert advertising on any website. If the user clicks the advertising content is reproduced, Google obtains a benefit and transfers a part to the person in charge of the website where the advertising is inserted. Precisely, this operation of pay per click or pay per click was tested by Google but gave up in favor of acquiring DoubleClick technology to implement this modality.


Looker (2019)

One of the most recent purchases from Google. Looker is dedicated to data analysis and business intelligence, two very fashionable concepts in recent years. Founded in 2012, it was acquired by Google in 2019 for 2.6 billion dollars.

Among its milestones, Looker created its own scalable business intelligence platform and compatible with other database systems such as Amazon, Google, HP or IBM. No wonder Google acquired it for its Google Cloud platform.

YouTube (2006)

In this list of purchases of Google could not miss what is one of the best known products of Google: YouTube. This is the second most visited page in the world, only surpassed by Google and Facebook on occasion.

Interestingly, YouTube is not a product created on Google. In short, YouTube was born in 2005 as a video portal at a time when mobile devices begin to connect to Internet

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