The planetary defense of asteroids that approach Earth

The mission of controlling asteroids that approach Earth is increasingly given importance, even with proposals for active defense.

A few months ago, asteroid experts pointed the month of September with their finger. During these past days there was the possibility of a celestial body impacting the Earth. At first the possibilities did not seem clear, although it was always stipulated that they were remote. But months later it was confirmed that the impact was extremely unlikely.

The asteroid in question measured 40 meters in diameter and is called 2006 QV89. Its complex name, which refers to the date it was discovered, appeared for a few months in the media. The European Space Agency labeled this celestial body as potentially dangerous because it is difficult to predict the orbit of asteroids. Hence, some sometimes move to the risk zone temporarily.

Actually there was no danger. The chance of a crash was reduced to 1 in 7,299. But you have to be prevented. And for that space agencies are increasingly aware. Representatives and space engineers from various parts of the world met in Rome to collaborate on one objective: to change the trajectory of an asteroid to test a technique that serves as a planetary defense.

asteroides que se acercan a la Tierra

This, which looks like a plot written by the writers of Armageddon, is an issue that is in the space candlestick. Something as simple as exchanging data on sightings, trajectory calculations and predictive studies can significantly strengthen preparation for asteroids. But scientists want to do more.

Active defense
The first is to identify asteroids that approach Earth. But it doesn’t hurt to have a plan in case they get too close. In this is NASA and has also partnered with ESA, as well as other agencies collaborate on a common project.

The initiative is called Asteroid Impact Deflection Assesment and its purpose is to change the orbit of a small celestial body. It is planned to be done by the impact of a spaceship. Then a second ship will investigate at the crash site to obtain as much information as possible.

At the moment it is a project, which will be carried out jointly by several space agencies. But in the future it can become a permanent collaboration for an ambitious goal: to defend the planet from asteroids that get too close.

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