The positive side that spider plague can have in Australia

After the devastating fires that have spread across the continent, Australia faces a new emergency. This time, in Sydney.

Posing that the spider plague that exists in Australia at the moment has a positive side may seem crazy. A priori, an invasion of these poisonous beings has no good consequences for humans and does represent quite a danger: it is the most poisonous in the world.

Despite having a size between 5 and 8 centimeters, they are lethal. If your bite is not treated, in extreme cases, the poison can kill a person in one day, even in 15 minutes.

However, do not panic: since 1981, Atrax Robustus do not kill anyone. And this, although every year there are between 30 and 40 bites of these specimens.

A very effective remedy that explains these figures
This is possible because Australia has been implementing a poison collection and antidote processing program for decades. Their results speak for themselves: thousands of lives have been saved with these methods.

Biologists extract the venom from the specimens in the laboratory. Then, they inject it into animals immune to venom, usually rabbits. The “funnel web” spider toxin has a biochemical peculiarity: it only affects lethal insects and primates, including people.

In these rabbits, their immune system makes antibodies to fight it and these same antibodies are the ones used to treat affected people.

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An epidemic that occurs after a national disaster
Why are these “funnel web” spiders news now and why is it called “another emergency”?

We go back a couple of months, specifically to September. The fires multiplied throughout the country, calcining millions of hectares and ending the lives of up to one billion animals. Images of firefighters and other volunteers trying to help the Koalas, for example, became “trending topic” on the networks.

Months later, in addition to his continuous work, the rain has put out most fires. But in some regions it has rained so much that floods have occurred. This, together with the humid weather and hot days, has caused a lot of these spiders to emerge from the ground.

«If we add to these environmental factors, it is the mating season, in which the males look for the females, we have a proliferation situation. It should be alert ». This has been noted by several experts from the Australian Reptile Park in Sydney.

A request that attracts attention
In this alert context, Julie Mendezona, a worker at the center, has issued a shocking message. Ask the citizens of Sydney that if they see a spider of these and they are safe and able to capture it, do so.

“I know it sounds crazy, because they are dangerous,” he adds, aware of his words. But he also argues that if there are no spiders, the antidote that can save people suffering a deadly attack cannot be made.

That is why in the video they shared on their Facebook account to warn of the plague they also take the opportunity to explain how to catch them in a jar, with the help of a utensil as everyday as a spoon. “Once inside they cannot escape,” they say and encourage them to hand it over.

It is true that an epidymy is never positive, but it offers the possibility of increasing the material with which the antidote is then manufactured.

Images: Reptile Park of Australia.

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