The Web can be sustainable with these ecological hosting services

Internet is virtual but if it works it is thanks to physical elements such as servers connected 24 hours a day that consume energy. Is it sustainable?

One of the main causes of global warming that our planet is suffering from is the production of energy. Hence, for years we have become increasingly aware of wasting as little as possible the electrical energy we consume.

In this sense there are things that we can do and others that depend on the industries that produce that energy and those that make the appliances and machines that consume it. And that gives for many articles.

The Internet ecosystem also has its share of responsibility, and in this sense there are website storage services or web hosting that among its outstanding features presume to use renewable energy or that seek not to waste the energy consumed by its servers.

Renewable target

Below we highlight five examples of responsible web hosting and explain how they try to be more sustainable in energy consumption.


Kualo comes from the United Kingdom, a company that offers domains, web hosting, dedicated servers and even your own tool to easily set up a professional website.

In what concerns us, Kualo allows us to host our website on its servers and has solutions adapted to specific CMS such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla or Drupal. And in addition to permanent customer service and security, among its hallmarks is the use of green energy.

Kualo has a special page where he explains that both his data center in the United Kingdom and the United States use green energy, that is, electricity generated by renewable sources.

In addition to using energy from renewable sources, their data centers are designed to be energy efficient. And as a third pillar, its company policy emphasizes reducing waste generation, recycling and avoiding unnecessary travel. On this last point, they encourage teleworking.

By default, Kualo shows its rates in English pounds but we can change it in euros or dollars from the upper right corner of its website.


Similar to Kualo, and also based in the United Kingdom, Netcetera offers web hosting services, domains, dedicated servers and other professional solutions like that.

On the page dedicated to its data center, Netcetera emphasizes that the electricity used is 100 $ Zero Carbon, or translated, the carbon dioxide emissions produced by the generation of that energy are equivalent to zero.

Another measure of energy efficiency is the cooling of your servers and data centers looking for lower energy consumption.

You will find more information about it on their dedicated page.


Upon entering the official website of the American AISO it is clear that it is a web hosting company that is committed to sustainability and the use of renewable energy.

For starters, its source of power generation is 100% solar. And as a guarantee, they have their own installation of solar panels. On their page they give as an example that the solar energy they generate and that allows them not to consume energy from polluting sources, is equivalent to planting 8 acres of trees a year.

As a curiosity, at the bottom of its lower page we will see information about this solar power generation network that is constantly updated. There is even a permanently connected webcam.


Renewable energy to avoid CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and a project to plant trees through Eden Reforestation Projects. Erjjio offers sustainable web hosting that highlights these two initiatives so that, despite consuming energy, it is as pollutant as possible.

Continuing with its tonic of green web hosting or green web storage, its basic plan is called Green and, from there, all plans highlight the use of energy from renewable sources, as well as the planting of trees monthly, amount that It varies according to the contracted plan.

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