These scientists have created a device to obtain energy from darkness

The system created by a team of scientists from California is capable of generating energy from the dark: the reverse of a solar panel.

Solar energy is perhaps the renewable source where more resources are currently put. Both at the level of research and infrastructure installation, solar panels have acquired great importance.

This stubborn interest in solar panels has pushed research remarkably. There is still much to do to make the plates more efficient. Hence, new materials and formulas are explored to improve technology.

Within the framework of this effervescent investigation, the exploration of other options could be positioned, however remote they may seem. The work done by professors at Stanford University and the University of California. It is about the creation of a system capable of obtaining energy from darkness.

It is a way of speaking, but it defines graphically when this device acts. This is a radiation emitting disk. Its operation is based on a very basic principle. During the day, the Earth receives energy from the Sun, therefore it heats up. But at night, the Earth has to part with this energy it has absorbed. This is how the planet maintains its constant temperature.

Scientists have created this 20 cm radiation emitting disk and connected it to a thermoelectric generator. In total, the equipment does not cost more than $ 30. The energy that has been able to generate is enough to run a small LED bulb.

The disk has a lower temperature than the air it is in. As heat flows from Earth into the air, it passes to the disk, which radiates it so that the thermoelectric generator can work.

New ways to get energy

At the moment the results have been modest. In the test conducted by the researchers, the disks generated 25 milliwatts per square meter. But scientists believe it is possible to reach 0.5 watts per square meter, under optimal conditions (such as dry weather).

There are alternatives to traditional renewable energies, but they are still to be explored. It is a matter of time, because little by little interest grows in this direction. Methods for obtaining energy from magma have been considered, while the use of movement is also considered as a source still to be investigated.

Obtaining energy from darkness, or more precisely, during the night, has unquestionable advantages. The method works when solar panels do not. For isolated areas, not connected to the electricity grid, this formula could bring significant benefits.

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