This laboratory in London pays you to get infected with coronavirus

A British center is looking for candidates to try a possible cure with them. The reward? Almost 4,000 euros, and “the satisfaction of helping thousands of people.”

Health is priceless, is it? It is one of the questions that now, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, seems to have a more than evident answer. Well, is there something more important?

However, there are those who have ventured to question it and find out which citizens are willing to do so as well. This is the case of the companies Open Orphan and its subsidiary, Hvivo, which are working together on a rather striking project: the Controlled Human Infection Model (or CHIM, for its acronym in English). They are looking for 24 people to infect them with coronaviruses and study their evolution and a possible vaccine in them. In exchange, financial compensation.

His laboratory, located at the Queen Mary BioEnterprises Center in East London, is the location for this curious experiment. Candidates have to go there. Although before that, they must fill in a series of medical data that ensures good health.

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If they appear fit, they are summoned to the center to carry out a first phase of physical tests. Organizing companies are responsible and do not want to take more risks, so they choose only those who do not present complications. This first evaluation phase is followed by a second, several weeks later. It is the final entrance exam.

Then the experiment begins. Candidates are infected with two types of coronavirus, 0C43 and 229E. They are not as serious as their Covid-19 counterpart, as this “would be too dangerous”, indicate from Open Orphan to Newtral.

Two week quarantine
Thereafter, the selected volunteers spend between 10 and 14 days in quarantine, in their private room, while performing the relevant tests. These include urine, blood, and heart rhythm tests.

The contract is very clear in this regard: they cannot perform physical exercise and their human contact is limited to scientists. However, they want their experience to be as rewarding as possible. And for this reason, your room will have Wi-Fi connection, television and Playstation 3; also, private bathroom.

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Hvivo has been involved in these types of trials for many years, in which they have treated more than 3,000 people. So quarantine is not new to them and they encourage them to spend time resting, preparing for an exam or working remotely, as we can read on their website.

They have also worked with coronaviruses, but five years ago they stopped the project that explored them, due to the lack of interest in the few cases. Now, with the outbreaks, they have decided to retake it and reinforce it with more resources. It is chaired by Andrew Catchpole, chief scientist at Hvivo, and by the Open Orphan Scientific Advisory Council, chaired by John Oxford, with long experience in these and other viruses.

Also, in the statement they report that it is financed by Chinese pharmaceutical companies and that they hope to contribute to detect which are the most suitable vaccines for coronavirus and thus accelerate the process, in which more than 100 companies around the world are involved.

Does this seem like a compelling reason to get infected with coronavirus? Perhaps, if we add the 3,500 pounds (about 4,000 euros) they pay, things change. Would you do it?

For now, you can find out their latest news through their Twitter profile, where, for example, they recently announced a detection system for the Covid-19 that they hope to have ready in two weeks.

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