TikTok, the revolutionary social network that sweeps young people

The TikTok application manages to stand up to the great social networks of the moment.

Doujin, China, 2016. The ByteDance company came up with the idea of ​​designing a very simple application: a social network where you create 15-second videos with music clips and have a network of followers.

Under this premise, September 2017, TikTok was launched worldwide, and has become known among users for its contents, and even for generating challenges that have been viralized.

It is now considered as the fashion platform for the youngest. So much is its success that it became the most downloaded free application in the United States and is in the world ranking of applications since its launch to date.

It currently has more than 200 million users worldwide.

Why is it so successful in young people?

TikTok, formerly musical.ly, is popular with young people because it allows them to make videos singing, acting or dancing with the music of their favorite artists. It also works as a traditional social network where they can get followers and that their videos have more visits and more likes.

It should be said that many influencers have taken the step of having a TikTok account, so many of their followers have created the account in the music application and thus see its contents. It has also served as a catapult towards fame for many users due to the great success they have had in this social network.

TikTok at an early age has been able to deal with large platforms that are at the top for their users and be a threat at the level of competition.

A danger to a country?

Yes, how are you reading. TikTok for some politicians is considered a national security threat.

In the United States, several senators have indicated that the application may pose a risk to national security. This is because the application when created by a Chinese company is governed by the laws of the Asian country.

The US government, when drawing this conclusion, suspects that the Chinese government could force the developer of the application to deliver data from US users.

It is not the first time that the application is in the spotlight. Another similar case was when India vetoed the application for endangering minors. A veto that was lifted months after knowing the decision and that currently the application works normally.

Security before everything

66% of young Spaniards recognize that they like to share images and videos on social networks, including TikTok.

Therefore, we must seek a safe and positive experience in social networks and in the case of TikTok they offer very simple tools that make it easy to create a secure environment in social networks.

From BlogThinkBig we recommend the reasonable use from these networks, such as the use of privacy tools, use the restricted mode, not adding any user that we do not know since we depend on whether our data is safe or not.

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