Virtual Reality has reached your feet and nobody talks about it

Everyone talks about Virtual Reality glasses but what about your feet? We tell you some examples of how you can experience video games more realistically.

Accessories can make us get much more technology performance that we already use, as virtual reality glasses can revolutionize the way we play video games. There are accessories that go beyond and seem to have been born to complement others, as in the case of Virtual Reality shoes.

Although such accessories have been presented for a long time, to make VR glasses a more immersive and complete experience, they have not become hollow in the market.

Zero Latency is one of the solutions that have emerged in recent years to complete VR glasses. The idea is of an Australian company and sells gamers the opportunity to enjoy a Virtual Reality experience while they sweat the shirt.

The participants have about 200 square meters through which they can move freely, full of cameras and sensors, which allow their movements to be transferred to the video game. The best thing about the system is that it has no latency and allows the movements in the video game to be instantaneous.

A simpler system is cybershoes, shoes with rollers at the bottom that moves the movements to the game. This design is intended for use at home and used in a swivel chair, since not all of us have 200 square meters free of obstacles to play video games,

Although cybershoes are compatible with the vast majority of VR platforms, their success has not been as expected. One of the reasons may be the price of them, ranging from 350 the most basic pack and more than 1000 the most complete pack.

Taclim shoes are similar to cybershoes but they have something very special: they are not intended for you to move through the video game but for you to feel on your feet the ground that your character steps on in the game. You will not feel the same when you walk on grass than when you do it on sand.

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