What does the climate emergency declaration entail?

The Climate Summit begins today in Madrid and will run until Friday, December 13. It arrives with a tone dramatized by the declaration of climatic emergency of the Europarliament on November 28.

The problem is real. We spend and consume above our possibilities. Therefore, the European Parliament has approved the climate emergency declaration.

The English Court and the Botín Foundation carried out a study years ago that measured the water consumption that was carried out in the tissue manufacturing process. Thus, it was confirmed that 3,000 liters of water and more than 4,000 were needed to create a pair of jeans.

This data has been on the table since 2012, so it is now incredible that the weather emergency has not been declared before. The UN Emissions Gap Report dictates that the increase in Earth’s temperature can reach 3.2 degrees. Even if all the commitments of the Paris Agreement were fulfilled.

This declaration of climatic emergency has been enhanced by the recent reports published by the IPCC, a group of experts that advises the United Nations, who warned rigorously about this problem. But what does this statement mean for ordinary citizens? Changes and improvements. We tell you some of them.

Consequence of the climate emergency declaration

  • The promotion of renewable energy becomes, finally, one of the priorities of European countries.
  • The reduction of greenhouse gases is promoted. It is intended that CO2 emissions decrease by 45% by 2030. Thus, it is expected to reach a zero emission scenario in 2050. This could prevent the global average temperature from rising above 1.5 ° C.
emergencia climatica
  • Another key aspect is that companies are obliged to buy “emission rights” when their work is in large emission markets. An example is the aviation sector. Airlines have to acquire those rights to move towards decarbonization. – Likewise, it is hoped that many companies fight against global warming.

This declaration of climatic emergency is symbolic, but it involves a very important media infrastructure that can support other related actions.

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