What hides the ‘Single Day’ in China

Today is the ‘Single Day’. One moment … What is this? In the absence of a few days for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, China takes a new holiday out of its sleeve to celebrate singleness. Thousands of offers and a single question, why was this party created? The answer scares: there are not enough women for so many men.

For decades, the Chinese government banned families from having more than one child. Couples who tried to have more than one descendant were fined, women were forced to perform abortions and some other terrifying measures. In 2015, this law was softened and two children began to be allowed. However, China is paying serious consequences.

Four years ago since the new measure was promoted and, although since 2018 families can have the children they want, the government recognizes that births do not grow. Families still have no more than one successor.

Most millennials have no brothers
Although China is the most populous country in the world, with 1.4 billion inhabitants, it is a society that ages by leaps and bounds. Many provinces are already having difficulties in supporting their pensioners.

The ‘one-child policy’ not only decreased the number of births, but encouraged more boys than girls. Why? Because having only one daughter was a disgrace, and although selective abortions were prohibited, many families practiced them when they saw that the fetus was female. This caused a serious result: ** fewer women who can get married.

Some experts like He Yafu, demographer and writer, say that the number of women between the ages of 20 and 39 decreases by more than 39 million over the next decade. “Without the implementation of measures to encourage fertility, the population in China will be drastically reduced,” he said.

The population comments that there have been many restrictions and that the country’s employment and economic situation does not help to raise more than one child. Bachelor’s Day is a fun event, in which, for a few hours, the great problem facing the country is forgotten.

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