What is a CRM and what is it for?

What is a CRM?

A CRM could be said to be a tool, program, software or management model that brings together a set of strategies focused on the complete knowledge of the client. A CRM encompasses and centralizes the databases of interactions with the company’s customers.

It is presented as a perfect solution to be able to carry out a fluid relationship with customers, in addition to having all the necessary data from them. Likewise, it must be said that it is a great tool to be able to launch much more effective marketing campaigns that have a greater impact.

A CRM software can be of great help for those companies that have a certain volume of customers, an undoubted volume of work. Optimizing information management is vital to avoid chaos reigning in the company, hence the clear need to have a CRM.

The CRM allows to structure and organize all the information collected from customers on the same platform, preventing the information of each of them from being broken down or distributed among emails, databases, orders, commercial visits, telephone calls, etc. In this way, it is possible to gather all the information in an orderly and chronological way to access it much more easily.

What is a CRM for?

Although CRM software is often used mainly to keep track of commercial departments, it must be said that its functionality goes much further and that they are capable of managing different areas:


The CRM is ideal to carry out a funnel analysis (in English known as funnel). In addition, it must be said that it also identifies the points at which it must be improved to carry out the increase in sales by the company in question. It facilitates the management of data, sales, budget and income.


Thanks to all the information that allows to obtain this software, the companies have many facilities to be able to boost the demand of any product or service offered by the company. It allows the organization of much more effective marketing campaigns.


As it cannot be otherwise, a company cannot limit itself to merely focusing on sales, since it is also essential that it strives to provide a friendly, attentive, careful and personalized service to each client. The basis of the success of any company is to have satisfied customers. Loyalty to customers is one of the primary functions of a CRM.

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