What types of external battery exist and how to choose the best

With the arrival of Christmas and events like Black Friday the first ideas of what to give to that person who uses both the mobile phone appear. From BlogThinkBig we explain that you have to take into account to buy the ideal power bank.

Many users use mobile phones not only to make calls and write messages. Smartphones can serve as a portable console and even a computer on many occasions.

Due to excessive use, the batteries run out quickly. Many times these cases happen when we are outside our homes and we do not have a plug within our reach. Now, with the arrival of days like Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, the number of sales of tools related to our mobile phones soars and one of those tools is external batteries.

From BlogThinkBig we list below the keys that must be taken into account among all the types of external battery that exist and that is a success to give on these dates that are approaching.

How much more capacity is better?
Before buying an external battery you should take into account the use you would give the device since it is not necessary to use a large capacity if it is only for our mobile. With the 6,000 mAh external battery types you can charge your mobile phone up to three times.

In case you need a device to charge your laptop, you should keep in mind that its average battery is 4,400 mAh, therefore, a power bank greater than 8,000 mAh would be recommended.

In any case, it is advisable to buy an external battery that has twice the sufficiency of what we want to charge and thus have an energy reserve for emergencies.

Although many manufacturers give us figures that do not correspond to reality and more if we take into account that over time the effectiveness is reduced.

A simple way to estimate the real capacity of a portable battery is to approximate it at 60% or 70% of the charge indicated by the manufacturer.

How can you find the real capacity of your external battery? Multiplying the capacity indicated by the manufacturer by 0.65.

Do they have to load fast?
We always think that if a fast charging battery is better, but it is not always the case because in the long run it can affect the internal battery of our devices. If we want to achieve an optimal load of our devices we must take into account the necessary power.

The power of our mobile devices is usually close to 5V and 1A for our load. The new types of external battery have a multi-voltage system that adapts from 9V to 20V maximum.

In case we look for an external battery that has several ports, we must observe that the charge is not distributed evenly, so that there will always be a port that charges faster than the others.

Do the materials also count?
Although there are brands that offer their slim formats, an increase in power bank capacity means an increase in weight.

Often interesting are those external batteries that have some system to know the battery levels through LEDs.

The purpose of these batteries is to store and transfer energy so that generates heat. In that aspect the priority would be to carry materials that can reduce the heat generated such as aluminum.

The power bank market is very large and varied. So now is the time to take advantage of the offers and succeed with this ideal gift for many users.

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