Who is Christina Koch: NASA’s record astronaut

Astronaut Christina Koch has spent almost a year in the ISS, which makes her the most time spent woman in space.

It’s 328 days that astronaut Christina Koch has spent in space. A whole record. She is the woman who has been away from Earth the longest. In the International Space Station (EEI) he has been able to perform experiments of all kinds and spacewalks. Koch has been an important representation of NASA in space during the last months. Your stay has lasted from March 2019 until February 2020.

The long stay in space is not a mere anecdote. NASA has thus been able to study how the human body behaves in such a prolonged period in orbit. In fact, she and astronaut Scott Kelly, who spent 340 days in the ISS, are the greatest sources to investigate the changes that can occur in the body.

During the time that Christina Koch has been in the ISS she has been able to take three spacewalks. Some of these are especially interesting. One of them was the first in which only women left the space, without the presence of men. He did it with his partner Jessica Meir.

Your spacewalk companion – they did another meeting in January – will be one of the three people who remain in the ISS. The other two with NASA astronaut Andrew Morgan and Russian comonaut Oleg Skripochka.

Christina Koch

The missions of Christina Koch

Throughout all these months, the NASA astronaut has carried out a series of investigations. He has studied how fire behaves in microgravity or how crystallization of proteins occurs. They are some of the varied experiments that are performed in the space station.

To this is added the study of his own body. It is important for NASA to know how human cells and organs react for prolonged periods in space. Now there is more and more technology and cheaper to measure the more parameters better. And this is one of the key points for missions beyond Earth’s orbit.

The information is necessary, for example, for a possible manned trip to Mars. But also to colonize the Moon with a permanent base. A mission, by the way, for which it has already been proposed to establish a new space station. A replacement for the current ISS, which would be the starting point to achieve an uninterrupted presence on the Moon.

Images: NASA

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