Why and What cheap smartwatches are use for?

A huge amount of people are afraid to invest to a smartwatch-even the cheapest ones- because they maybe dont utilise all of the features. When i was in that point, i asked myself: What means to utilise a regular watch? I can see the time and maybe the date. What mean to NOT take advantage of smartwatch? I can see the time and date as well ( and many other details). So i can’t fail it.
Most of humanity can’t or don’t want to pay out houndreds of Euros for a watch. Every smartwatch or smartband have some useful features, what i use day-to-day.


1. sleep tracking: Yes, i sleep with a watch on my wrist. I like little and lightweight watches, so its not a problem to me. I love to see the sleep details every morning, and it motivates me to go to bed early and sleep enough. I hate to see the “fell asleep late” and “you didnt have enough sleep” warnings. Good night sleep is a very underrated healthcare btw.
2. Notifications: I love to get my notifications when my phone is in the other room, or it is muted. I can read them, and decide to answer or not. It reduced my phone useage, because i dont start to scroll on instagram after an unnecessary notification.
3. Activities: I play basketball or ride a bike very often, and i like to check activity details (especially heart rate) after a session. I feel myself proud when i see how many times played basketball in this week/month.
4. Other little features: There are some features, what i use everyday aswell. I check thee weather and forcast multiple times, set a timer when cooking, learning. I think smartwatch alarm is just better than phone’s. Wake up to vibration on my wrist is calmer, then to a loud alarm song.

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