Why NASA astronauts will stay on the moon for two weeks

The space agency has indicated that for their next expedition to the Moon, NASA astronauts will remain there for 14 days.

The sending of NASA astronauts to the Moon has been one of the most commented issues over decades in reference to space conquest. Rather the non-shipment of these astronauts. If the deed had been carried out in 1969, with a computer as powerful as the computer hardware that a washing machine is carrying today, why hadn’t it come back?

NASA was very careful not to make public debate on this issue. But ultimately, whether diplomatically or by default, your answer was always another question. Why come back? In 1969 there was a reason. More than a scientist, it was a political motive, of propaganda. We had to win the space race to the other international superpower. The Americans had to be shown that their country was above, the Soviet government, that their technology was below and the world, that the United States was the leader.

But a project as expensive as it was then the arrival of Apollo 11 on the Moon and the successive missions that took other astronauts to the Moon were not viable decades later. There was nothing of interest on the satellite. At least of economic interest so that NASA decided to send more people to investigate.

But times have changed. The US space agency has now announced its plan to bring NASA astronauts to the moon. Not only that but they will remain up to two weeks on the satellite. A record time that is justified by the search for opportunities.

What interest does the moon have?
In recent years an economic interest in the Moon has aroused. China has explored the hidden face of the satellite for the first time and Australia has created its space agency with a view to exploiting mining resources on the Moon. The presence of water in the form of ice opens an opportunity for the establishment of a permanent base.

Astronautas de la NASA

The objective of NASA, with the one proposed as Artemis Moon program, is to reach the satellite in 2024. In this mission two astronauts will touch the lunar surface and remain 6.5 days there. It is twice as long as any of the people who made up the Apollo program spent on the Moon.

Later, another team of four people, which will arrive before the end of the 2020s, is expected to be on the lunar surface for 14 days. Its objective will be to start building facilities to obtain water from ice and produce oxygen. They are the basis for a permanent station, which allows extracting other resources from the satellite and preparing the necessary capabilities to go to Mars.

All this will depend, of course, on the fact that the United States Congress is inclined to finance the expeditions. Of course there is a strategic interest that did not exist a few years ago.

Images: NASA

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