Wind energy: a new product for sale for farmers

Wind energy is revealed as a possible alternative livelihood for farmers, in areas with large areas of land.

Wind energy requires – it is not a novelty and it is not an exclusive requirement of this alternative source – of large areas. We don’t talk about large estates. Although there are, better, because space is always appreciated in these projects. But at least some land is needed to plant wind turbines. Not worth with an orchard.

However, in rural areas, the installation of wind turbines could become an alternative livelihood for farmers. In the United States there are some cases of owners traditionally dedicated to the cultivation of land and now have wind turbines. But this does not mean that they have abandoned agricultural tasks. On the contrary, they make them compatible.

Improving the living conditions of farmers is a long-standing issue. Prices for farm products are low and agricultural activity becomes unsustainable. Hence, this sector is one of those that are in the spotlight of IoT. Connectivity and machine automation are expected to improve production and lower costs.

In the state of Kansas, according to a report from USA Today, wind can be a considerable alternative livelihood for farmers. These could earn between 3,000 and 7,000 dollars for each wind turbine. And each of these giants occupy the space equivalent to a two-seater garage. There are those who install them in their lands, if they have the capital to do so. But there is also another formula: lease the land for a wind generation company to put the mills.

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The advance of wind energy

Solar energy is usually the most in everyone’s mouth. But the advance of the wind is given by leaps and bounds. The opportunities it offers are also indisputable. In Europe there are many countries that have launched major projects. While a study has estimated that the continent could multiply its current production by 100. To do so, 11 million wind turbines would need to be planted in almost 5 million square kilometers.

Precisely a case of success in Europe is Portugal. The Iberian country has made wind power progress in recent years. Symbol of his achievements is the huge floating wind turbine that will be installed on the coast of Viana do Castelo. Its power will be 8.4 MW and it will be framed in a 25 MW farm. A project capable of supplying 60,000 homes.

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