Xiaomi launches a printer that fits in your hand

Xiaomi launches a printer that fits in your hand

Xiaomi has launched a thermal printer that fits in a pocket and only needs two hours to charge its battery.

A mobile that is charged with solar energy, an intelligent telescope or a technological home to live on Mars, Xiaomi’s recent proposals never leave us indifferent. Beyond smartphones, the Chinese company is also immersed in the development of products that incorporate new technologies such as artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things.

The company’s latest big news is the Memobird G4 +, a thermal printer that fits in your pocket. This device stands out for its small size and design, reminiscent of the old Walkman, whose dimensions are 86.8 × 79.3 × 39 millimeters and a weight of 165 grams.

A printer that charges in 2 hours

The Xiaomi pocket printer, developed under the Youdao brand, is perfect for travel or for any occasion you need to print a document or image instantly. Unlike conventional printers, the Memobird G4 uses thermal technology for printing, so it doesn’t need ink to work.

Its mode of use is based on the introduction of paper rolls and by having a 900 mAh battery, you can print up to eight paper rolls per charge. In this sense, we only need two hours to charge the device, easy and convenient for users.

However, due to its characteristics, it only prints in black and white, although its resolution of 306 dpi allows you to print any image in a minimum quality. To transfer them you just need to have bluetooth on your smartphone.

Without a doubt it is a great success for people who are usually outside their homes although at the moment it is not officially available, only in presale. The price in our market will be approximately 38 euros, not bad for a device with these characteristics.

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