Your Android notices, notifications and messages in your browser

If you use your Android as a personal agenda, you may want to communicate with your work computer. So you will see messages and notices while you work.

The integration between Android and Windows, macOS or Linux leaves much to be desired. Apple has made its ecosystem get along with each other and that content or elements of macOS, iOS and iPadOS synchronize. For example, if you receive a call to your iPhone, you can answer it on your Mac. But in the case of Android, there is still no perfect synchronization and it has to do with notifications.

For now you have to settle for projects such as AirDroid, which allows you to see the contents of your Android smartphone from the screen of your PC or Mac. What’s more, you can see messages, notices and notifications that are displayed both on your phone and on your phone computer.

Another example is Crono, a tool that is installed on your Android and in your browser to display notices and notifications while working with your computer without having to continually look at your Android device.

Integrating Android and your browser

Available as an app on Android and as an extension or add-on for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Crono is installed on both devices to see everything that happens on your smartphone on your computer. The idea is that a tab in your browser serves as a virtual wall updated in real time where you can see text messages, calls or WhatsApp messages, notices of apps like YouTube or Facebook, events scheduled in your Calendar, missed calls …

In addition to the tab in which to see all that content, Crono shows us a pop-up window with each new event, since the app integrates with your browser’s Push notifications. So we will know in real time that we have a meeting in a few minutes. It is something that your Android device already does, but if you have it in silence because you are in front of the PC, you will also see those ads.

In addition to as a viewer of notifications, Crono serves to take actions associated with those notices, such as responding to WhatsApp messages or uploading an image to Instagram. And if that were not enough, it is also possible to synchronize the Clipboard to copy and paste text, links or files from your Android to your computer and vice versa. What’s more, if you don’t see where your Android is, from Crono you can make it sound to find it.

If you are concerned about security, Crono encrypts the information it sends to your computer. That is, you will only see that content on your Android if you are its legitimate user and the same will happen on your computer.

As we said at the beginning of this article, Crono can be downloaded for free. On the one hand, you must install the Android version and, on the other, the extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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