Your music menu with songs from Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud

If you like music from different streaming services, with Music Meal you can choose between three of them, free and / or paid.

Although Spotify and similar triumph today, in the past music was heard in physical formats such as cassettes, records or vinyl. Then the digital formats arrived and it became usual to fill your computer with digital music and organize it with tools such as WinAMP and the like.

And at present, the usual thing is to listen to online music on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and a long list of options, some paid and some free, with or without advertising.

But what to do if you like music from different streaming services? Wouldn’t it be great to combine them according to what song you want to listen to?

Three in one for your online music
Its name is Music Meal and can be installed as an extension for Google Chrome and as an Android application. In addition, it is free and does not require creating a user account, at least for the app itself.

The grace of this application is that it allows you to enjoy YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud catalogs to create different playlists. You can even add direct links to music files online.

For the rest, the app is very simple. Play the song you choose, skip to the next or previous song, set the random mode to play random music from a playlist or play the list in endless loop. You can also create several playlists and share links with the Android Share menu.

The version for Google Chrome looks the same as Android: a small player that opens on the side of the browser and also works in the background. To add songs, you can do it by clicking on Add Song within a playlist or with the CTRL + SHIFT + L key combination when you have services like YouTube, SoundCloud or Spotify open.

Another advantage is that its Android version allows you to play YouTube music in the background, something that the official app does not allow by default.

In the words of its creators, Music Meal does not use personal data, it simply reproduces the content you add through its original source. And in the case of Spotify, linking to your account is done using the Spotify API, so there should be no security problem.

You will find more information about Music Meal on its official website. A different way to enjoy your favorite music by combining the songs of different streaming services available on the Internet such as Spotify or similar.

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